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Zhi Guan (Universität Mannheim, Germany)

Accelerating Cryptographic Primitives with SIMD

Recent year cryptographic primitives are widely and heavily used in application scenarios such as cloud computing. The computation of cryptographic primitives is highly time consuming and brings performance pressure to application environment. SIMD is a classic computation mode that performs the same operation over multiple data simultaneously. SIMD processing has become an indispensable feature of most commercial processors including desktop processors, mobile processors, graphical processors and supercomputers. Accelerating cryptographic primitives through SIMD processing has become an effective and economic solution on commercial hardware. In this talk we will introduce some modern SIMD instruction sets (AVX2/KNC-NI/NEON) and our efforts on optimizing different cryptographic primitives including symmetric encryption, RSA, elliptic curve cryptography, pairing, etc.